Unlimited Coldfusion 7 Reseller Web Hosting Powered by Helm 3

Are your servers hosted in South Africa?

Yes, and unless stated otherwise - all of our shared web hosting services are hosted in South Africa

Can I upgrade my reseller hosting, how long does it take and what is required?

You can upgrade your reseller hosting package at any time, and the process is completely automated and instant! As an existing reseller the process of upgrading is simple. Log into the Client Service Area, Click on services, click the upgrade icon, select your new hosting package and you're set to go.

How soon after ordering will my services be activated?

Your services will be activated within a few minutes of receiving your proof of payment. All service activations are automated to ensure maximum turn around time on new and existing orders

Do your servers support SSL Certificates and can I move these over to your servers?

Absolutely yes :) We host many SSL certificates and in addition are able to renew your existing certificates. To move your SSL certificates over to Server Admins, have your existing provider export the certificates from their web servers, provide you with the password for the exported certificate and upload this file onto our servers. Order a dedicated IP address from within the Client Service Area and let us do the rest

Can I setup my own Custom Name Servers?

Yes we do support custom name servers. Please request the custom name servers via ticket and provide us with the name server pair. We will setup the name servers and configure your Reseller Control Panel so that all domains added after this will now use your custom name servers.

Do your servers support WHMCS integration?

Yes they do, and we have many resellers who use WHMCS to manage their reseller accounts.

  • Phenomenal Support - Fast, friendly and to the point.
  • First web host provider to offer Local Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting.
  • Instant Activation.
  • Automated and instant upgrades.
  • Powered by Industry leading Web hosting control panels, Helm 3 & Helm 4.
  • Passionate about our resellers, and focused on providing solutions that enable them to excel.


  • Instant Activation.
  • Never pay for overages again.
  • Powered by Helm 3 Control Panel
  • Hosted in South Africa
  • Upgrade instantly


CF Elite

R506.00 Monthly

    General Info

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 8000mb Diskspace
  • 100 Domains
  • Supports Custom Nameservers
  • E-mail

  • 300 E-mail accounts
  • 300 E-mail aliases
  • Database support

  • CF DSN Connections
  • 100 MySQL 4
  • 100 MySQL 5
  • 100 SQL 2005

CF Standard

R328.90 Monthly

    General Info

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 2500mb Diskspace
  • 30 Domains
  • Supports Custom Nameservers
  • E-mail

  • 150 E-mail accounts
  • 150 E-mail aliases
  • Database support

  • CF DSN Connections
  • 60 MySQL 4
  • 60 MySQL 5
  • 60 SQL 2005

CF Micro

R202.40 Monthly

    General Info

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 1000mb Diskspace
  • 10 Domains
  • Supports Custom Nameservers
  • E-mail

  • 50 E-mail accounts
  • 50 E-mail aliases
  • Database support

  • CF DSN Connections
  • 20 MySQL 4
  • 20 MySQL 5
  • 20 SQL 2005

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