Understanding the differences between Fully Managed & Semi Managed

When purchasing a dedicated server from Server Admins we manage the network which the server is connected to and the hardware that you rent from us. If anything were to happen to any of these, rest assured our Engineers endeavor to get the issue resolved as speedily as possible.

The finer details regarding Semi Managed and Fully managed are explained.

Semi Managed Servers

Semi Managed servers are managed by yourself, with exception to Operating System reloads, Network issues or hardware issues. In the event that your dedicated server crashes due to a configuration issue, buggy patch or user accident then it remains the clients responsibility to get the server back up and running. Such an event would including configuring IIS, restoring backups (in the event that backups were purchased) and any other custom changes to server, including installation of applications.

In such event where you require additional assistance over and above an Operating System reload, additional charges are billed to your account on a per hourly basis.

Fully Managed Servers

Fully Managed Servers are entirely managed by Server Admins skilled Engineers. All servers are installed and configured according to best practice scenario to ensure optimal performance from your rented hardware and optimal uptime. Fully managed servers include monthly OS security patching, daily backups, and management and monitoring of backups.

Extensive monitoring and reporting is setup on each Fully Managed Server according to its specific needs / server purpose as to ensure that the hardware and OS are performing at their maximum potential. Extensive monitoring allows Engineers to proactively detect issues and advise ahead of the time as to potential issues, or in the event of excessive load on the server, provide our clients with valuable insight and information to assist in resolving such issues.

In the event of a system failure, Server Admins Engineers are entirely responsible for restoring the server, its operating system and restoring backups from the last available backup set. Where we are unable to support an application, our engineers strive to assist clients and go far and beyond the ordinary.

Fully Managed vs Semi Managed Servers

Feture Semi Managed Fully Managed
We manage hardware Yes Yes
We manage network Yes Yes
Daily Backups No Yes
Management of backups No Yes
Monthly patching No Yes
ICMP (Ping Monitoring) Yes Yes
Availability Monitoring No Yes
Application Monitoring No Yes
Monthly uptime availability reports No Yes
Best practice setup No Yes

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