Server Admins provides Bulk SMTP Services that allow for unlimited E-Mail SMTP Sending. A large majority of service providers within South Africa enforce e-mail limits which prevent clients from sending business critical e-mail where these volumes exceed thousands, such as their monthly or bimonthly billing run.

Bulk SMTP Services are specifically designed for bulk business e-mail delivery by providing higher maximum per message recipient limits, larger e-mail attachments limits, and rapid spool delivery to ensure that e-mail are delivered as quickly as possible.

What is the maximum recipients allowed per e-mail?

We allow up to 200 recipients per e-mail, how ever other e-mail servers may see this as spammy and as such we suggest keeping the amount of recipients per e-mail under 30.

How do I send e-mail through your Bulk SMTP Servers?

After signing up for a bulk smtp service with us we will create an smtp user for you on our bulk e-mail server and send these details to you via e-mail Use these credentials within your e-mail application, i.e. Outlook / Outlook express. If you have a web based script or third party e-mailing application then all that is required is for you to configure your application to connect to our Bulk SMTP services and authenticate using the details we have provided you with.

How many e-mails can I send per hour?

We have no imposed limits or throttling on the amount of e-mail you can send per hour.

What is the maximum allowed attachment size per e-mail.

We allow up to 50MB attachments per e-mail, how ever it may be a good a idea to check with the recipient that they can actually handle mail of this size.

Will I be prevented from sending e-mails over and above my Bulk Mail Package?

Absolutely not. After reaching your allotted mail quota we will invoice you on a per e-mail basis.

  • Phenomenal Support - Fast, friendly and to the point.
  • First web host provider to offer Local Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting.
  • Instant Activation.
  • Automated and instant upgrades.
  • Powered by Industry leading Web hosting control panels, Helm 3 & Helm 4.
  • Passionate about our resellers, and focused on providing solutions that enable them to excel.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Sending
  • No hourly limits
  • Fast Delivery Rates
  • Pay per mail overage

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